Our Ethos

Our Ethos

Our Visions of the Future

We envision ourselves as the poultry industry’s leading provider of innovative solutions in 3 categories.


Our solutions were designed with energy-saving in mind. And we continue to find new ways to improve product energy efficiency, helping our clientele reduce carbon footprint and save operational costs.


We take precautions in our design approach to reduce harmful materials in our final product that would otherwise end up in the environment.

Artificial Intelligence

Tasks that used to be operated manually can now be done efficiently through smarter artificial intelligence. Our goal is to incorporate A.I. into our solution design to streamline poultry production.

Our Missions

The following statements are at the heart of Poullive’s strategy to achieve our visions:

  • To develop sustainable technology for the poultry industry that is eco-friendly and cost-effective.
  • To accelerate the adoption of automation for the poultry industry.
  • To engage in both the local and international industry that encompasses the capabilities of managing live poultry to processing.

Our Core Values

Below are the guiding principles that steer our actions as a company. Each of them is a cornerstone that defines Poullive’s culture and reflects the attitude that we bring to our work daily.


We seek to provide practical solutions and added value to all our esteemed clients. Hence, we hold ourselves to the highest standard and aim to exceed their expectations every time.


Our work environment encourages our employees to go beyond their work scope and redefine the standard of excellence, discovering new ways to deliver better products and services to our clients.

Continuous Learning

We believe in constant personal and professional growth in our company. We strive to learn from our experiences and see setbacks as a path to success.