Wide variety of broiler equipment that you can choose from including automatic pan feeder, nipple drinker and ventilation system.

Pan Feeder
~ fast growth from day one.
~ important feed saving.
~ optimum hygiene
~ easy to clean
Nipple Drinker
~ the most effective way to provide birds with hygienic water and at the same time maintaining dry floor.


We provide the best drinkers both nipple and bell drinker.

d1.JPG (46035 bytes) Nipple Drinker
~ the most hygienic way for the birds
~ plenty of water with dry floor
~ no leaking and dripping

Bell Drinker
~ the most convenience and cheapest investment


We have variety of feed delivery augers and storage system.

a1.JPG (23908 bytes)

Anger Conveyor
~ available in various sizes.
~ make from highest quality material

Storage Bin
~ available in many sizes
~ make from highest galvanisation steel.