Our range of equipment include automatic feeders - pan or auger; drinkers-bell and nipple; automatic nest for egg collection - single and double tiers with either side or center collection; evaporative cooling system - fans, pad, curtain, auto drop.

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Pan Feeder - Fimarit
~ excellent start from day one.
~ distributes equal portion of feed simuteneously all at once.
~ universal sex separation grill for all type of breed.
Auger Feeder - Bridomat
~ this unique feeder prevent picking and selection of feed during feeding thus providing very uniform nutrients for each and every bird.
Automatic Nest
~ cleaner eggs with higher hatchability
~ no labor inside the house thus less labor required; less diseases transfer and disturbances.
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b7.JPG (30386 bytes) Evaporative Cooling System
~ ideal environment for broiler, breeder, layer and hog production.
~ higher stocking density, better FCR, more eggs.
~ Fans sizes from 24" to 48" with capacity between 6,000 cfm and 24,000 cfm.
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Drinking System
~ Spark nipple, the most hygienic drinking system for broiler and breeder production.
~ Spark cup, the most efficient drinking system around for broiler and breeder..